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Map Remote Tool

The Map Remote tool changes the request location, per the configured mappings, so that the response is transparently served from the new location as if that was the original request.

This mapping enables you to serve all or part of one site from another. For example, you could serve a subdirectory of one site for another with a mapping from to localhost/charlesdev/, or serve all files with a given suffix from another site with a mapping from*.php to localhost/charlesdev/.

Usage Suggestions

Map Remote is useful if you have a development version of a site and would like to be able to browse the live site with some of the requests being served from development. For example, you may want to serve the css and images directories from your development server. Use a mapping like to or*.css to

Mapping Types

You can map directory to directory, such as to localhost/charlesdev/

You can map file to file, such as to

You can map directory with file pattern to directory, such as*.php to localhost/charlesdev/

If you don't specify a path in the destination mapping then the path part of the URL will not be changed. If you want to map to the root directory, put a / in the destination path field.


The Map Remote tool can map an HTTP request to an HTTPS destination and vice-versa, so you can have HTTP or HTTPS sites mapped into their opposites.

See Also

Also see the Map Local tool, which can serve requests from local files so you can use the latest development files from your computer as if they were part of a remote website.

Location Matching

Each location match may contain protocol, host, port and path patterns to match specific URLs. Locations may include wildcards. More help for creating location matches may be found when you add a new location to this tool.