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Auto Save Tool

The Auto Save tool automatically saves and clears the recording session at set intervals.

This is useful if you leave Charles to monitor network activity over a long period of time and want to break up the recording into manageable units, or avoid out-of-memory conditions that may occur due to large volumes of data.

Enter the save interval in minutes and the directory in which to save the session files. You can choose whether to start the Auto Save tool each time you run Charles, otherwise the Auto Save tool will always be disabled when Charles starts.

You can choose to start the save interval timer on a multiple of the save interval minutes past the hour. Your first save interval will be made shorter to align the interval to the multiple. For example if your save interval is 15 minute and you start the tool at 10:10, the first save interval will be at 10:15 to align to a multiple of 15 minutes, then they will be every 15 minutes after that.

Session files are saved with a timestamp in their name in the format yyyyMMddHHmm, that is year month day hours minutes so that they appear in the correct order when alphabetically sorted.