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DNS Spoofing Tool

Sometimes you want to test a domain name as if it pointed to a different IP address. For example, if you have set up a virtual host but the IP address change hasn’t propagated through DNS yet, you can spoof it and test your virtual hosting immediately.

Charles contains a list of domain name to ip address mappings which you configure. When a request comes in for a listed domain name, the Spoof DNS plugin finds the spoof IP redirects the request to that address. The Host HTTP-header remains intact, so it is exactly as if your DNS server returned the spoofed IP.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting is where you have multiple sites on a single IP address, and the web server determines which site you’re requesting based on the name that you’ve typed into your browser. More precisely it looks at the Host header sent in the request.

If the DNS isn’t set up for your site yet then you’re normally unable to test it as you can’t just enter the IP address, because then the server doesn’t get the name so can’t match the request to a site. Use the DNS Spoofing tool to overcome this problem.