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Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information).

Mac OS X Windows XP

Recent Developments

For discussion on the latest changes to Charles, please see Karl’s blog.

20 Sep 2016

Charles 4.0.1 released including bug fixes. Read more.

16 Sep 2016

Charles 3.11.6 released with support for macOS Sierra and minor bug fixes. Read more.

1 Aug 2016

Charles 4 released featuring HTTP 2, IPv6 and improved look and feel. Read more.

29 May 2016

Charles 3.11.5 released including minor bug fixes; especially fixes SSL certificate installation on Android. Read more.

29 Feb 2016

Charles 3.11.4 released with support for ATS on iOS 9 and crash fixes for older versions of Mac OS X. Read more.

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15 Feb 2016

Charles v3.11.3 released including bug fixes and minor improvements. Read more.

9 Nov 2015

Charles v3.11.2 released with SSL and Websockets improvements. Read more.

4 Oct 2015

Charles 3.11 released including major new features. Read more.

7 Jul 2015

Charles 3.10.2 released with bug fixes and improvements. Read more.

31 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10.1 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

21 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10 released with improved SSL (new SSL CA certificate install required), major new features and improvements. Read more.

22 Oct 2014

Charles v3.9.3 released with improvements to SSL support, Mac OS X Yosemite support and other minor bug fixes and improvements. Read more.

26 May 2014

Charles v3.9.2 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

5 May 2014

Charles 3.9.1 released with minor bug fixes and improvements. Read more.

25 Apr 2014

Charles 3.9 released with major new features and bug fixes, including the ability to "focus" on hosts so they are separated from the noise. Read more.

23 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.3 released with support for Mac OS X Mavericks and minor bug fixes. Happy Mavericks Day. Read more.

21 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.2 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

9 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8.1 released with minor bug fixes and improvements. Read more.

4 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8 has been released with new features and bug fixes. Read more.

12 Feb 2013

Charles 3.7 has been released. Includes new features, bundled Java runtime (so you don’t need to install Java anymore), and bug fixes. Read more.

27 Jun 2012

Charles 3.7 beta 2 has been released. This changes the SSL signing for Charles on Mac OS X to use Apple's new Developer ID code-signing. Read more.

8 Dec 2011

Charles v3.6.5 released including bug fixes and minor changes. Read more.

15 Nov 2011

Charles v3.6.4 released including major bug fixes and enhancements. Read more.

5 Sep 2011

Charles v3.6.3 released including minor bug fixes. Read more.

24 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6.1 released including minor enhancements and bug fixes. Read more.

18 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6 released including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. New features include HAR and SAZ file import. Read more.

17 Aug 2010

Charles v3.5.2 released including bug fixes and minor new features. Read more.

1 Jan 2010

Charles 3.5.1 released. Minor bug fixes. Read more.

23 Dec 2009

Charles 3.5 released. Major new features, bug fixes and enhancements.

17 Oct 2009

Charles 3.4.1 released. Minor features and bug fixes.

27 Sep 2009

Charles 3.4 released. Major changes especially to SSL.

11 May 2009

New website launched. Follow @charlesproxy on Twitter. Say hi in San Francisco when I'm there for WWDC!

7 Mar 2009

Charles 3.3.1 released. Minor new features and bug fixes. Experimental 64 bit Windows support. Read more.

15 Feb 2009

Charles 3.3 released. Major new features. Download

24 Sep 2008

Charles Autoconfiguration add-on for Mozilla Firefox adds support for Firefox 3.1

23 Sep 2008

Charles 3.2.3 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

6 Sep 2008

Charles 3.2.2 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

17 Apr 2008

Charles 3.2.1 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

24 Mar 2008

Charles 3.2 released. Major new features. Release Notes

28 Jan 2008

Charles 3.2 public beta released. Download and more information on my blog.

19 Dec 2007

Charles 3.1.4 released. Bug fixes and minor new features.

21 Nov 2007

Charles Mozilla Firefox add-on updated for compatibility with Firefox 3.0.

12 Nov 2007

Charles 3.1.3 released. Minor bug fixes, minor new features.

  • Chart tab now includes charts for sizes, durations and types
  • Request & Response can now be displayed combined on one split-panel
  • SSL handshake and certificate errors are now displayed in the tree
29 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1.2 released. Minor bug fixes.

27 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1.1 released. Minor bug fixes.

13 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1 released.

22 May 2007

Charles 3.0.4 released. Fixes SSL bug on Java 1.4.

14 May 2007

Charles 3.0.3 re-released. Fixes launch bug on computers that haven't used Charles before.

12 May 2007

Charles 3.0.3 released. Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

23 Apr 2007

Charles 3.0.2 released. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

28 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0.1 released. Minor bug fixes.

24 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0 released. Major new features and improvements

7 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0 public beta released.

27 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.4 release. Minor bug fixes:

  • IBM JDK compatibility
  • Improved malformed Referer header support
17 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.3 release. Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed Port Forwarding fault introduced in v2.6.2
1 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.2 release. Major improvements and bug fixes including:

  • No more recording limits. Large responses are now saved to temporary files, reducing memory usage.
  • MTU support in the throttle settings
  • AMF3 / Flex 2 bug fixes
2 Dec 2006

Charles v2.6.1 release. Minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • SOAP information visible while response is still loading
  • AMF3 externalizable object parsing regression fixed
  • AMF view for AMF3/Flex messages simplified to hide Flex implementation details
27 Nov 2006

Charles v2.6 release. Major improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Major UI overhaul
  • JSON and JSON-RPC support
  • SOAP support
20 Sep 2006

Charles v2.5 release. Major improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Major UI improvements
  • Support for new filetypes including FLV
  • Major improvements to AMF / Flash remoting viewer
  • Thank you to everyone who made suggestions and participated in the long testing process.
1 Jun 2006

Charles v2.4.2 release. Minor improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Support for request body compression (used by web services)
  • Fix for parsing of AMFPHP responses
  • Improvements to AMF viewer
6 May 2006

Charles v2.4.1 release. Minor improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Firefox extension improved
  • AMF 0 and AMF 3 parsing improved
  • Look and Feel changes to give a greater (and more consistent) range of font sizes in the Charles look and feel
  • SSL error reporting improved when a connection cannot be made to a remote host
  • Port Forwarding tool and Reverse Proxy tool re-bind exception fixed
26 Apr 2006

Charles v2.4 release. Major new features, improvements and bug fixes including:

  • AMF 3 support
  • SSL support for IBM JDK (thanks to Lance Bader for helping solve this)
  • Automatic Update Checking
  • Documentation wiki open to public
25 Mar 2006

Charles v2.3 release. Major improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Proxy implementation improvements including better handling of keep-alive connections
  • SOCKS proxy added, so any SOCKSified application can now run through Charles
  • External proxies configuration improvements including authentication
  • Flash Remoting / AMF viewer improvements
  • Dynamic proxy port support, for multiuser systems
5 Nov 2005

Charles v2.2.1 release. Minor improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Further improved Firefox proxy configuration
  • Port Forwarding enhancements including port ranges and UDP forwarding
  • Bug fixes for Reverse Proxy and AMF viewer
5 Oct 2005

Charles v2.2 released. Major enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • Improved Firefox proxy configuration
  • XML viewer improvements
  • Line numbers displayed in ASCII viewer
2 Sep 2005

Charles v2.1 released. Major new features and enhancements including:

  • Automatic Firefox proxy configuration
  • Formatted form posts and query string information
  • Parsing of SWF and AMF (Flash Remoting) binary formats
18 Jun 2005

Charles v2.0 released. Major enhancements and improvements.

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