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External Proxies

You may have a proxy server on your network that you have to use in order to access the Internet. In that case you need to configure Charles to use your existing proxy when it attempts to access the Internet.

You can configure separate proxy addresses and ports for:

  • HTTP

If you have a SOCKS proxy Charles will use it for all non-HTTP(S) traffic such as for Port Forwarding.


You can configure authentication information for each proxy type. Charles supports Basic Authentication and NTLM Authentication. For NTLM Authentication you can enter an option Domain field.

If you don't configure authentication and your external proxy requests authentication Charles will pass on the authentication request to your browser as if Charles itself was requesting the authentication.

Bypass List

You can enter a list of locations to bypass the external proxy for. This list is whitespace separated, each location is a host or ip address match with an optional port (eg. hostname:port). Wildcards are supported.

Note that previously Charles automatically did prefix matches on the bypass locations list. This was changed in Charles 3.5 to support the full location wildcard system.