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Older Versions

Version 3.4.1

17 October 2009

Minor feature and bug fix update.

  • Breakpoints: Bug fix on request body editing, this now works again
  • Location forms: pasting a full URL into the Host field parses it into the appropriate fields again, and better than before
  • Location forms: warn when invalid characters are entered into fields
  • Recording settings > Include: if this list contains entries but all disabled it will be treated as if it were empty and everything will be recorded

Version 3.4

27 September 2009

Major changes and new features. SSL proxying has been changed to be opt-in per site, rather than on for all sites by default. This is to reduce user problems with Charles's SSL certificates. Charles also uses a new SSL CA certificate.

Please note that the Charles config file in version 3.4 is not backwards compatible. Charles makes a backup of the 3.3.1 config file when you first start Charles 3.4 in case you need to downgrade.

  • SSL Proxying
    • Added an explicit list of locations for which SSL proxying will be enabled. You can add to this list by right-clicking on host names in the Structure view.
    • Support for client SSL certificates for authentication. See the Client SSL Certificates option in the Proxy menu.
    • Setting to use your own SSL CA certificate for Charles to use (PKCS12 format)
    • Charles's generated SSL certificates can now be permanently trusted in the browser, as an alternative to trusting the CA certificate
    • Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard SSL certificate fixes
  • Recording settings
    • Separate include and exclude lists, for people who exclusively want to record specific sites in Charles
  • Location matching
    • Location matching now supports query strings
    • Location path matching no longer implicitly adds a * after the final /, so you can more accurately match paths. Existing patterns will be ported on upgrade.
  • Content viewers
    • XML text view performance improvements using a new layout engine
    • Syntax highlighted HTML
    • Line numbers can now be used in combination with word wrap
    • Diff request/responses. Including experimental tree-diff support for XML and AMF etc.
  • AMF / Flex
    • Improved error messages in the event of invalid data
    • AMF3 over HTTP support
    • AMF editor – change the type of a property
    • AMF3 support added for LiveCycle DS externalizable classes
    • Improved display of Flex method calls in transaction info
  • Tools
    • Rewrite tool: Add to the response Notes field to describe the Rewrite rules that have been applied
    • Rewrite tool: can now add to empty query strings
    • Map Local & Map Remote in the contextual menu
  • Mac OS X
    • Mac OS X Snow Leopard look and feel improvements
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Auto-install Firefox add-on
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix hang with certain Nvidia graphics cards
    • Find results sorting
    • Fix lsof and netstat runaway processes in Client Process tool
  • Minor enhancements
    • Add -config command line switch to specify config file location
    • Support for ; as an alternative for & in query strings
    • WinHTTP proxy settings autoconfiguration
    • Web Interface improvements – now export & clear sessions, enable/disable any tool
    • Record how long it takes to send the request – improves latency calculation on uploads
    • Brief details of each response are shown in the Structure view tree
    • Headless support using -headless command-line switch

Version 3.3.1

7 March 2009

Minor new features and bug fixes. Experimental 64 bit Windows support.

  • Windows 64 bit support: Now with a separate 64 bit download to work with 64 bit JVMs
  • Mirror tool now no longer turns itself off when you restart Charles
  • Settings dialogs are now resizable
  • UI preference for display font now applies in more places, removed from some inappropriate places
  • Windows system tray icon – added more controls
  • Add "Copy URLs" option to request contextual menus to copy all of the request URLs
  • Add Raw editor to Edit & Repeat and Breakpoints
  • Add Breakpoints toggle button to toolbar and system tray icon on Windows
  • Bug fix: Copy and paste from tree+table views
  • Bug fix: Map Local rules that fail to find a suitable local file now try next matching rule

Version 3.3

15 February 2009

Major new features and bug fixes.

  • New Features
    • HTML, CSS & RSS/Atom Validation
    • Export recorded sessions as XML
    • Auto Save tool can now use any export format
    • JSONP support
    • "Window Always On Top" setting in Preferences
    • Summary view table sorting improved to sort numerically and in reverse order
    • Map Remote can now map HTTP to HTTPS (vice versa already worked)
    • Location matching: Add /$ so that you can specify a pattern that matches only the given path, no files or subpaths.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix edit request bug where the path couldn't be changed
    • Improve handling of errors in Repeat & Edit
    • Improve SSL Map Remote support for non-existent source domains or non-existent source SSL servers.
    • SOCKS as external proxy bug fix
    • JSON viewer bug fixes
    • Window now remembers maximised state

Version 3.2.3

23 September 2008

Minor new features and bug fixes.

  • SSL certificates generated as part of the SSL decryption are now version 3 (if appropriate) and include certificate extensions
  • Breakpoints: Can now edit the first line of the response headers, including the response code
  • Upgrade 3rd party libraries
  • Fix preference update bugs introduced in 3.2.2

Version 3.2.2

6 September 2008

Minor new features and bug fixes

  • Fix Decrypt SSL through Reverse Proxy
  • Fix Session memory leak when sessions were closed but not garbage collected
  • Remember whether you view sessions in Structure or Sequence mode
  • Fix display of CDATA in XML Text view
  • Reverse Proxies & Port Forwarding now support binding to a specific local address
  • Fix keyboard expand/collapse in JTreeTable views
  • Large file support (> 2GB)
  • Location matching fix so that *s behave more consistently matching 0 or more chars
  • AMF header view/edit fix
  • AMF3 reference bug fix

Version 3.2.1

17 April 2008

Minor new features and bug fixes

  • AMF3 date references parse bug fix
  • AMF3 XML support improved
  • AMF3 BlazeDS acknowledgement message parsing fix
  • AMF editing: Dates & Booleans can now be edited
  • Editor now automatically updates Host header value if URL host changes
  • Breakpoints: add scheme to breakpoints
  • Proxy bug causing slow Flex (in particular) application performance fixed
  • Map Remote mapping now more consistent – slight behaviour change, can now map file to file.
  • Map Local can now map onto a single file (if you write in the destination path manually).

Version 3.2

23 March 2008

Major new features.

  • New features
    • Breakpoints
    • Throttling tool with individual throttle configurations per host and asymmetric throttling
    • Help pages added to most Tools, more to follow
    • Adobe BlaseDS support
    • Auto Save tool – auto saves timestamped session files for long-term monitoring and testing
    • New .chls file suffix and OS integration for opening Charles when you open a .chls file
    • Open .amf, .amf0 and .amf3 dump files directly in Charles
    • Open any file directly in Charles and view it as if it had been downloaded
    • Import multiple session files into one
    • Single-instance on Windows – only one copy of Charles can be running at a time
  • Enhancements
    • Tools with lists of locations can now enable/disable individual locations as well as the entire tool
    • AMF3 streaming over HTTP support
    • Hotkey on Windows to bring Charles to the front – Windows key C
    • Header viewer now pretty printed
    • SWF viewer shows total size of all fonts
    • Raw view added, shows the raw HTTP request or response
    • Map Local tool with case-sensitivity switch
    • SSL performance enhancements
    • Preference option to display seconds or milliseconds and bytes/second or bits/second
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix SSL with Decrypt SSL off over transparent SOCKS proxy
    • AMF3 integer encoding bug
    • Fix HTTP 100 continue bug where headers weren't cleared
    • and more

Version 3.1.4

19 December 2007

Bug fixes and minor new features.

  • Rewrite Tool: Fix partial matches in rewrite value.
  • SOAP viewer: Improve detection of SOAP messages for clients who don't set the content-type properly (eg. Flash), and add resolution of references so SOAP display is now much improved.
  • AMF3: Raw AMF3 object parsing support now added for content-type application/x-amf3-object
  • Map Local: Add support for encoded URLs such as those with %20 in the path; these are now correctly converted before looking for the path/file on disc.
  • UI: Column states are now remember on all tables in the UI, so you can now resize and rearrange to suit your preferences.

Version 3.1.3

12 November 2007

Minor bug fixes, minor new features.

  • Chart tab now includes charts for sizes, durations and types
  • Request & Response can now be displayed combined on one split-panel (in Preferences)
  • SSL handshake and certificate errors are now displayed in the tree
  • Default single-response recording limit increased to 100MB
  • Fixed Modal dialog lost-focus bug
  • Fixed Mac OS X proxy configuration hang occurred on some systems
  • Fix cookie parsing bug with last cookie attribute
  • Add Unicode BOM parsing capability
  • Change default text viewer tab size to 4 spaces from 8 spaces
  • Map tool now changes the request port if the protocol is changed
  • Version checker now reports OS and Java version for statistical purposes

Version 3.1.2

29 August 2007

Minor bug fixes.

  • Fix tool and settings dialog sizing
  • Fix fault in Summary and Chart views for non-HTTP requests
  • Improved file popups for Map Local and Save All
  • Fix Recording settings bug where max requests can't be turned off
  • ICO and BMP viewers now work on Java 1.4

Version 3.1.1

27 August 2007

Minor bug fixes.

  • AMF3 serialization fix (when used with edit function)
  • Proxy settings revert back to HTTP when SOCKS proxy disabled
  • Activating tools from request popup menu now correctly activated Selected Hosts mode if required

Version 3.1

13 August 2007

Major new features. Please note this version drops support for Java 1.3.

  • User Interface
    • Dialog form layouts rewritten to unify layouts and show correct layout cross-platform (thanks to MigLayout)
    • Add "Minimise to System Tray" option in Preferences on Windows
    • Memory usage indicator now an option in Preferences
  • SSL
    • Map and Map Local tools now supported with SSL
    • New SSL root certificate with increased key sizes
  • Viewers
    • ICO support
    • BMP support
    • AMF tree now shows references inline to improve readability
    • AMF3 bug fix and improvements
    • Improved detection of resource types (using filename if mime-type unavailable)
  • Web Interface for controlling Charles added (Proxy menu)
  • SOCKS transparent proxying
  • Miscellaneous
    • Pattern matching can now include protocol (eg. http/https)
    • Tray icon now includes Start/Stop Recording and Throttling
  • Bug fixes
    • System proxy settings correctly reverted on Windows shutdown
    • Quit cleanly when another instance of Charles already running

Version 3.0.4

22 May 2007

Minor bug fixes

  • SSL proxying bug on Java 1.4 fixed (was introduced in 3.0.3)

Version 3.0.3 re-release

Fixes launch bug on computers that haven't used Charles before

Version 3.0.3

12 May 2007

Various improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Repeat and Edit functions now support SSL
  • SSL certificates now more closely match the actual server certificate
  • Chart now shows requests that are still in progress
  • Client Process tool added, to show which application is responsible for each request
  • DNS Spoofing now works through External Proxy servers
  • AMF viewer: double-click to resolve a reference restored
  • ASCII viewer renamed to Text
  • Port numbers are now shown, if appropriate, in the Sequence and Summary views
  • Map Local mime-type handling improved for server-side scripting pages and unknown file types
  • Rewrite tool with body rules now doesn't mangle binaries
  • SSL latency now properly reported
  • SSL latency bug for kept-alive connections fixed
  • Mozilla Firefox configuration bug fixed when profile directory couldn't be found
  • Mozilla Firefox profile directory can now be detected correctly on Java 1.4 on non-English Windows systems
  • Windows tray-icon functionality restored
  • Windows proxy settings are now only set for HTTP and SSL as Charles doesn't support FTP proxying
  • Windows configuration file moved to workaround Vista permissions issue
  • Windows installer removes Start option to workaround Vista user elevation issue

Version 3.0.2

23 April 2007

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Copy to Clipboard: inconsistent image copying fixed
  • Microsoft Proxy Server as external proxy: bug with HTTPS connections fixed (thanks to Frans for his help debugging this)
  • DNS Spoofing and Map tools conflict resolved
  • JSON mime types now includes application/x-json
  • Windows: Installer UI changed
  • Windows: Launcher now supports IBM JRE
  • Mac OS X: Download now just includes the application
  • Mac OS X: Charles Proxy Settings helper now shows the Charles icon
  • Mac OS X: Upgrade to Quaqua 3.7.7, improves file chooser dialogs

Version 3.0.1

28 March 2007

Minor bug fixes

  • The new JDIC tray icon code caused crashes on some Windows computers. The tray icon has been removed while a fix for this is investigated.
  • AMF Detail view parsing bug fixed

Version 3.0

23 March 2007

Major new features and improvements

  • Editing and repeating of requests, including editing of AMF / Flash Remoting requests
  • Repeat multiple requests and Repeat Advanced for performance testing
  • Chart view of loading timeline
  • Local mapping tool to facilitate local development: use local files as if they are part of a website
  • Remote mapping tool to use parts of one website as if they were part of another
  • User Interface enhancements

Also changed and improved:

  • Summary table user interface: icons added, separate host name column added
  • Firefox 2 CSS: images loaded from CSS files have the CSS as their referer; now included in the summary of resources loaded for a page
  • Win32 launcher changed to provide Charles with its own task bar entry and Charles.exe in process list
  • Win32 application icon added to task bar and task switcher
  • No Caching tool now respects existing cache-control headers and adds stronger cache-control headers to bust caching
  • SWF viewer shows font information
  • Copy to Clipboard expanded to copy text and images
  • "General" tab improvements to include more information, including more summary data and compression statistics
  • and many other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.6.4

27 February 2007

Minor bug fixes

  • IBM JDK compatibility fix (thanks to Lance for reporting the issue)
  • Improved malformed Referer header handling (thanks to Kalle Ravn)
  • Improved compatibility with some webservers that would sometimes not work through Charles (thanks to Kalle Ravn)

Version 2.6.3

17 February 2007

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed Port Forwarding fault introduced in v2.6.2

Version 2.6.2

1 February 2007

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • No more recording limits. Large responses are now saved to temporary files, reducing memory usage.
  • Viewer state including open/closed tree nodes and scroll bar position are now remembered for each request, making it easier to switch between two requests and compare results.
  • Throttling controller changed to respect an MTU setting in an attempt to reduce the fragmenting of packets. Thanks to Rich Riendeau for reporting the fragmentation problem and collaborating on the solution.
  • AMF3 / Flex2 / Flash Remoting
    • Class definition deserialization fix
    • Multiple responses for a single request now supported
    • Array references fix
    • thanks to Patrick Mineault for reporting these bugs.
  • Multipart body viewer now supports quoted boundary headers, as seen in Safari bug reports
  • Authentication header viewer added to show details of Basic and Digest authentication
  • JSON viewer performance increase and support for requests/responses containing just an array
  • Session Export exports transactions in sequence order
  • Repeat request now auto-selects the repeated transaction in the tree
  • Double-click switch between sequence and structure views restored
  • UI library upgrades; Quaqua to 3.7, JGoodies Looks to 2.1.2
  • JDK 1.3 compatibility restored

Version 2.6.1

2 December 2006

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • SOAP information visible while response is still loading
  • AMF3 externalizable object parsing regression fixed
  • AMF view for AMF3/Flex messages simplified to hide Flex implementation details

Version 2.6

27 November 2006

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • Major UI overhaul, including the use of Quaqua and JGoodies libraries to improve the native look and feel on Mac OS X and Windows respectively.
  • Internal windows removed and replaced by a tab navigation if multiple sessions are open.
  • Sequence view now uses a table when in Wide layout, to show a quick summary of important attributes.
  • XML tree display. View XML documents in a tree format as well as the existing pretty-printed text format.
  • XML pretty-printed text format improved to not load DTDs.
  • JSON and JSON-RPC support.
  • SOAP support.
  • AMF3 parsing improvements.
  • AMF parser now displays during the response download and shows download progress.
  • Fixed nil dereference in Mac OS X proxy configuration in some configurations.
  • Rewrite Tool body rules now support non-type mime types and improved debugging output.

Version 2.5

20 September 2006

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • AMF / Flash Remoting
    • Recover from malformed UTF-8 in AMF parsing, and still display string
    • Added AMF summary in addition to AMF detail, to view AMF data as an RPC
  • New and changed Viewers for different file types
    • FLV viewer
    • Header viewers, including cookies and query string
    • Multipart body viewers
    • Show image dimensions in image viewer
  • User Interface
    • Fixed UI deadlocks
    • File choosers unified so current directory is consistent
    • Repeat option in event contextual menu to repeat the request
    • Option to allow host directly from ACL alert dialog
    • Can remove events from the tree (using delete key or contextual menu)
    • Allow selecting multiple nodes in trees and view summary stats
    • Fix JTreeTable handle clicking behaviour on Mac OS X
    • Keyboard short cuts to activate the different tabs in the session frame
    • Improved layout of tables: column widths are now smarter
    • Changes to calculation of download speeds and show more information on general tab
    • Improvements to behaviour of internal frames wrt closing, reopening and being maximised or not
    • Save All option on path/host/multiple selections
    • Sequence view filtering improvements: regex options and max rows
    • New dimmed icon for requests that are still loading
  • General
    • Added support for SEARCH webdav method and any future different methods / schemes
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Increased maximum memory size from 64MB to 256MB
    • Added Recording limits option to record only the last X events
    • Host matching now supports full glob wildcards and optional port matching
    • Fix Client closed connection reporting for large response bodies.
    • Reverse proxy options extended. Preserve host header now works. Rewrite redirects now an option. Rewrite redirect now uses original Host header instead of guessing correct URL.
    • Rewrite filter refactored – now continues using set for a request even if the hostname has been rewritten by that set and no longer matches.
  • Browser Integration
    • Fix Firefox installation detection if having to use manual profile configuration
    • Windows proxy settings now changed for all network connections rather than just local LAN (ie. now includes dial up and VPN)
  • NTLM Authentication
    • Improved support for NTLM proxy (as opposed to website) authentication
    • NTLM using HTTP 1.0 support
    • External NTLM proxy authentication for SSL

Version 2.4.2

1 June 2006

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Support for request body compression (used by web services)
  • Fix for parsing of AMFPHP responses
  • Improvements to AMF viewer, including a new Parseable Binary recording limit setting (in Recording Settings) so Charles doesn't truncate large responses.

Version 2.4.1

6 May 2006

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Firefox extension improved – should now find all Firefox installations regardless of where they are located. The extension now adds a Charles option to the Tools menu that displays the current status. Thanks to Kathryn Aaker for helping test these improvements.
  • AMF 0 and AMF 3 parsing improved – including AMF 3 undefined type, AMF 3 integer parsing improvements
  • Look and Feel changes to give a greater (and more consistent) range of font sizes in the Charles look and feel
  • SSL error reporting improved when a connection cannot be made to a remote host
  • Port Forwarding tool and Reverse Proxy tool re-bind exception fixed

Version 2.4

26 April 2006

Major new features, improvements and bug fixes

  • AMF 3 support (thanks to Kevin Langdon for his work on the AMF 3 spec)
  • SSL support for IBM JDK (thanks to Lance Bader for helping solve this)
  • Automatic Update Checking
  • Documentation wiki open to public
  • Fixes for JDK 1.3 support
  • Better reporting of XML parse errors (showing the line number and column of the error)
  • Fix Serializable problem for External Proxy configuration
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.3

25 March 2006

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • Proxy implementation improvements including better handling of keep-alive connections
  • SOCKS proxy added, so any SOCKSified application can now run through Charles
  • External proxies configuration improvements including authentication
  • Autoconfiguration of system proxy settings resets "Don't Use Proxy For These Addresses"
  • Latency displayed for each request
  • Added Filter to sequence view
  • Added Tray Icon on Windows
  • Added Rewrite rule options: Match whole value, Replace first / Replace all
  • Flash Remoting / AMF viewer improvements
  • Dynamic proxy port support, for multiuser systems

Version 2.2.1

5 November 2005

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Changed wording of browser configuration menu items and settings panel for clarity
  • UDP forwarding support added to Port Forwarding tool
  • Port Forwarding tool now supports port ranges rather than just individual ports
  • Reverse proxy tool now records traffic correctly in the session
  • Firefox extension improved for non-English Windows and general stability improvements
  • Fixed NPE when loaded configuration on Java 1.3
  • AMF parser now tolerates invalid body count which previously caused an EOFException

Version 2.2

5 October 2005

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • Image responses now scroll if the image is larger than the frame size
  • Show line numbers in ASCIIBodyViewer (UI preference)
  • Line wrap preference – only works when show line numbers is off
  • XML viewer now recognises more mime types as XML: text/xml and application/xml
  • XML viewer caches DTDs so rendering speed when using DTDs is greatly increased
  • XML viewer now shows comments and DOCTYPE definitions
  • XML viewer formatting / layout improved
  • XML viewer can now resolve relative DTD urls
  • XML viewer now tolerates white space before <?xml declaration
  • More accurate mime type reading when choosing which body viewers to show
  • Session frame layout now horizontal or vertical
  • Frame divider locations remembered
  • Fix for left over data after the response body if a tool that decompressed the response body was on
  • Linux startup script improved – charles.config stored in home dir
  • Rewrite tool non-regex value matches are now partial matches rather than whole matches
  • Improved error messages to browser in cases of unsupported protocols etc
  • Proxy configuration menu items and preferences naming improved
  • Firefox configuration now works on non-english Windows OS (JDK 1.5+)
  • Firefox configuration improved for restoring proxy settings to normal (especially after restart of FF)
  • Firefox setting status in Charles updated by any manual changes in FF
  • Bug fix – kept-alive connections didn't disconnect if DNS information has changed, such as turning on/off DNS Spoofing tool
  • Bug fix – URL rewrite now rewrites port as well
  • Bug fix – port forwarding data wasn't shown in session viewer

Version 2.1.1

Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash on startup if Firefox isn't installed
  • Mac OS X auto configuration user interface improvements

Version 2.1

2 September 2005

Major new features and enhancements:

  • Automatic Firefox proxy configuration
  • Formatted form posts and query string information
  • Parsing of SWF and AMF (Flash Remoting) binary formats
  • Rewrite tool can now rewrite request bodies and query parameters
  • Most tools can now apply to a path prefix as well as a host name
  • Summary view added for hosts and paths in Structured view
  • New Notes tab for storing your own notes on each request/response
  • Copy/Paste support improved
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.1

Minor bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Reporting of unexpectedly long response bodies improved
  • When the client closes the connection early this is now reported in the Exception field, which should help explain why some responses are blank
  • Exception field display is tidied for some exceptions
  • Proxy Settings dialog caused an exception when saving
  • Many exceptions and faults in JDK 1.3 are now resolved
  • Saving of access control IP ranges is now fixed

Version 2.0

18 June 2005

A major overhaul and improvement of existing functionality, and additions of new functionality. An incomplete list is:

  • User interface to Charles plugins is changed to Tools, now accessible in their own menu and individually configured.
  • Plugins / Tools can now be activates globally or only on selected hosts (eg. No caching tool activated for only some hosts)
  • Rewrite request/response headers and response body tool
  • Throttling with user defined presets and option for throttling only selected hosts
  • Improved automatic proxy setting – now recovers from incorrect resetting
  • Improved keep-alive performance
  • Many other fixes and enhancements
  • Contextual menu on hosts as short-cut to configure tools or remove from session
  • Mac OS X: Preferences retained between upgrades
  • Mac OS X: Automatic system proxy setting
  • Mac OS X: Many UI improvements
  • Mac OS X: Runs natively on Mac OS X on Intel (can anyone test this for me!)

Version 1.8.5

26 December 2004

Corrected display of units (eg. kb/s -> KB/s)
Fixed "localhost" address bug in SSL proxying
Throttling controls changed to use Kbps and a utilisation percentage, allows much better specification of throttle settings.
Preferences layout changes
Ignore hosts function in Recording preferences
Rewrite headers plugin (experimental)
Support for WebDAV methods
Compressed data tab now available in response body viewing if data was compressed
Memory monitor now shows max available memory rather than total allocated
Alert on low memory and automatically stops recording to prevent out-of-memory conditions
Support for chunked POST request bodies
Fixed response body tab switching loop

Version 1.8.4

17 October 2004

Fixed GUI flashing bug
Added preference setting for prompting to save session information on close
Added preference setting for prompting when clearing session information
Added a menu item to set / restore windows proxy settings
Added throttling connection presets to approximate common connection speeds
Registration nag screen changes

Version 1.8.3

Request header size in bytes added to Export
Fixed failure to launch bug under Mac OS X

Version 1.8.2

HEAD method supported correctly
HTTP headers now read and written in an 8-bit safe manner.
Transparent Forwarding transaction content is now viewable in the request/response panes (other transparent forwarding bug fixes)
Case-insensitive find fixed
Remote address displayed on general transaction panel
Request/response sizes displayed in human readable formats
Fixed refreshing of summary panel if referers are loading while you watch
SSL using an external proxy no longer requires working local DNS (bug fix)
XML requests are now pretty-printed – useful for Web Services work.
Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 1.8.1

ACL warning dialog, alerts you to ACL violations.
Find function.
Tunnel any protocol (Transparent forwarding).
SSL decrypting bug fix (Charles now generates valid serial numbers, fixed some problems with Netscape and other browsers).
GUI improvements.
Deflate support (now Charles supports gzip, compress and deflate Content-encoding methods).
Evaluation nag screens reduced.
Unicode characters displayed properly in response bodies.

Version 1.8

New GUI including toolbar and icons.
Sequence and structure view of session.
Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
New launcher and installer for Windows.
New Mac OS X application (thanks to Seth Hall).
Access Control to limit access to the Charles proxy.

Version 1.7.1

Active connections window – lists all active HTTP connections and their status.
Bug fixes, including fixed NoSuchMethodException bug on JDK 1.3.
Ascii/Hex/Image viewing modes for response bodies.
Windows automatic proxy configuration much improved, now uses custom Charles DLL and correct Windows API.
Improved memory usage and garbage collection.

Version 1.7

23 September 2003

External proxy server support.
NTLM authentication support
Bug fixes relating to keep-alive connections, tolerance of broken headers, dns spoofing.
DNS Spoofing now works with proxied SSL traffic
Proxied SSL traffic now uses an automatically generated certificate with the correct name for the website and signed by a Charles root certificate – so that you can accept the Charles root certificate and never be bothered again. This makes use of some code by Legion of the Bouncy Castle.
HTML error reports returned to the browser if Charles cannot connect to the remote site.
Thanks to Gordon McKinney for extensive testing and feedback.

Version 1.6

2 September 2003

HTTP/1.1 support – including keep-alive, chunked transfer encoding, content-encoding including gzip and compress.
Separate recording limit preferences for different content types.
Performance enhancements and bug fixes.
HTTP response header sizes now reported along with body sizes.
Thanks to Gordon McKinney for extensive testing and feedback.

Version 1.5

18 July 2003

New SSL support. Now view in plaintext all communication between your web browser and an SSL server – essential for debugging secure websites.
Preliminary HTTP/1.1 support – keep-alive support over SSL.
Improved performance, especially for large transfers.
Improved exception handling – errors that are normal in HTTP communications are hidden.

Version 1.2

8 March 2003

Added Export to CSV, reverse proxies and new brand livery. Removed preference setting for the number of proxy threads, now grows automatically to meet demand.

Version 1.1.1

9 December 2002

Fixed look and feel code on Java 1.3 vms.

Version 1.1

9 December 2002

Added look and feel preferences, menu options to clear sessions and error log, spoof dns plugin, improved look and feel of the preferences dialog and other minor enhancements.

Version 1.0

Sometime in 2002

Initial public release.