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Breakpoints Tool

The Breakpoints tool lets you intercept requests and responses before they are passed through Charles. You can examine and edit the request or response and then decide whether to allow it to proceed or to block it.

Each breakpoint matches a URL using location matching patterns, see below. Each breakpoint is also assigned to either the request, or response, or both so you break exactly where you want.

How it works

When a request or response trips a breakpoint the Breakpoints window automatically opens in Charles and comes to the front. The Breakpoints window contains a list of the requests and responses currently intercepted and waiting for your action. Select the request or response to view and edit the contents. Then decide to Execute, Abort or Cancel the breakpoint.

The Execute button applies any changes that you have made and lets the request or response proceed. The Abort button blocks the request or response and sends an error message to the client. The Cancel button discards any changes that you have made and lets the request or response proceed as if it wasn't intercepted.

Location Matching

Each location match may contain protocol, host, port and path patterns to match specific URLs. Locations may include wildcards. More help for creating location matches may be found when you add a new location to this tool.