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Beta Releases

The beta releases of Charles introduce new functionality for testing. Beta releases will generally be announced and documented on my blog.


The latest beta version of Charles is 4.2b5. Please check that this is newer than the latest release version (4.1.4) before downloading.

Notes for v4.2

This beta includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Extended TLS information on the Overview tab
  • Better information about SSL/TLS exceptions to help troubleshooting
  • Active Connections view enhanced
  • WebSocket information added to Overview tab
  • Maintain and reuse outgoing connections for better overall performance (especially with Firefox)
  • macOS: Fix menu accelerators when there is no session open
  • macOS: Fullscreen dialog focus fixes
  • Toolbar icons changed to improve distinction between states for colour blind users
  • Menubar / System Tray icons changed to reflect throttling status (and improved, but not 100% yet, on Linux)
  • Lots of other bug fixes and minor improvements

See the version history for details of previous releases.


Windows 64 bit (msi, 58.3 MB)

Windows 32 bit (msi, 57.4 MB)

Mac OS X (dmg, 57.8 MB)
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.12.

Linux 64 bit (tar.gz, 55.8 MB)
Or use the APT or YUM package repositories.

Linux 32 bit (tar.gz, 55.3 MB)
Or use the APT or YUM package repositories.