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Beta Releases

The beta releases of Charles introduce new functionality for testing. Beta releases will generally be announced and documented on my blog.


The latest beta version of Charles is 3.11.6b3. Please check that this is newer than the latest release version (3.11.5) before downloading.

Notes for v3.11.6

This beta includes the following new features:

  • Fix breakpoints not working on 304 responses
  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException when saving a session
  • macOS Sierra support

Charles v3.10+ generates a new SSL root certificate for each installation of Charles. You can install and export the certificate, including on mobile devices, using the options under SSL Proxying in the Help menu.

See the version history for details of previous releases.

Charles Proxy v3.11.6b3

Windows 32 bit (msi, 67.2 MB)

Windows 64 bit (msi, 71.1 MB)

Mac OS X (dmg, 54.6 MB)
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.11. Alternative for older Mac OS X versions (uses Apple Java 6).

Linux (tar.gz, 11.1 MB)
Or use the Charles Proxy APT repository for Debian-based Linux distributions.