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Download Charles

Download the latest version of Charles below. Version 3.X of Charles is a free upgrade for all registered users.


The latest version of Charles is 3.9.3. Read the Release Notes.

Mac OS X users note: Improved SSL support is only available on the Oracle Java version of Charles, which is the alternative download for Mac OS X.

Windows 32 bit (msi, 45.3 MB)

Windows 64 bit (msi, 47.9 MB)

Mac OS X (dmg, 10.6 MB)
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.10. This version uses Apple Java 6, and offers the best user experience on Mac OS X. Note that SSL Proxying does not work with SNI in this version.
Alternative version using Oracle Java SE 7 (includes full SSL Proxying support)

Linux (tar.gz, 8 MB)
Or use the Charles Proxy APT repository for Debian-based Linux distributions.

Mozilla Firefox add-on

Charles requires an add-on in Firefox to autoconfigure Firefox's proxy settings. Charles will automatically prompt you to install the add-on when you run Charles. If the add-on is not automatically installed, you can manually activate Mozilla Firefox Proxy in the Proxy menu. Alternatively you can download and install the add-on manually.