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Version History

Version 3.8.3

Minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • Support for Mac OS X Mavericks: prevents Charles from being starved of CPU resources by App Nap.
  • Headless mode fixed (no longer exits immediately on some platforms), and the preference setting to activate Throttling on startup will be respected.
  • -throttling command-line switch added to activate Throttling on startup.

Version 3.8.2

Minor bug fixes:

  • SSL bad_record_mac errors with some SSL servers have been resolved
  • Fix loading saved .chls files from old Charles versions

Version 3.8.1

Minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • Blacklist tool fixed (wouldn't activate)
  • CSV export: fix failure when exporting incomplete requests
  • Import/Export Settings: tidy naming and alert copy
  • Tooltips on the Recording button, Throttling button, and similar, now reflect the current state

Version 3.8

Major new features and improvements:

  • Viewer mappings: specific locations may be mapped to viewer types, this enables specific viewers to be used, such as when the content isn't identified correctly (also Protocol Buffer mappings can be defined)
  • CSS viewer and editor added which formats minified CSS content for display
  • XML Text viewer now supports tag folding
  • Sort by name in structure view: now sorts by hostname rather than protocol and hostname.
  • Rewrite tool: allow rewriting of response status
  • Import and export Charles settings
  • Mac OS X Mavericks support

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed the misleading handling of path patterns that don't start with '/', these paths will now automatically have a leading '/' prepended as all paths always start with '/'
  • Fixed authorization header editing
  • Fixed bug that caused error message dialogs to be hidden behind main Charles window when the 'Window Always On Top' option was enabled
  • Fix SSL certificate cache collision bug
  • JSON viewer: remove quotes from around strings. It was noisy.
  • HAR export timings now correct and validate.

Version 3.7

Major new features and improvements:

  • Charles now bundles Java on Windows and Mac OS X so you do not need to have Java installed before using Charles
  • Mac OS X: Charles is now signed so you can launch it without warning on Mountain Lion. Also the look & feel on Mountain Lion has been improved
  • DNS lookup, TCP connection, and SSL negotiation timing information is now measured and reported
  • Keep-alive status for each request is now reported, so you can see whether a request was part of a kept-alive channel
  • Protocol Buffer support, see the documentation.

Bug fixes:

  • ACL warning no longer blocks all traffic
  • Comparing transactions sometimes resulted in incorrectly repeated content
  • Reverse proxy now correctly sets the Host header in the case of default ports
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.6.5

Major bug fixes:

  • Java 1.7 now supported. Corrects slow startup and hung responses bugs.
  • Java 1.7 bad certificate error workaround for sites that use now disabled algorithms (ie. MD2withRSA)
  • Windows: Fix launching Charles by opening a file
  • SSL empty requests regression from 3.6.4 fixed
  • SSL now records the correct remote address details
  • SSL errors now more consistently displayed in the browser
  • Authentication header viewer can now recover from slightly oddly formatted headers
  • Closed connections regression from 3.6.4 fixed

Other changes:

  • Double-clicking a request no longer switches Structure and Sequence view. I did this too many times accidentally. The contextual menu now has an option to switch.

Version 3.6.4

Major enhancements:

  • Linux support greatly improved, including an APT repository for installing Charles, integration into Gnome window manager and an application icon.

Minor enhancements:

  • JSON-RPC support now includes named parameters support
  • CSV export includes more information
  • AMF viewer, contextual menu includes copy to clipboard and base 64 decode.
  • Mac OS X UI improvements: including save dialog improvements (no longer save into the parent)
  • Firefox add-on now supports Firefox 9 beta
  • Add "Always bypass external proxies for localhost" option to external proxies configuration, defaults to on to maintain existing behaviour.

HAR import/export bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Missing data handling
  • Charles specific status and exception information included for better export/import round-tripping
  • Non-name-value POST bodies supported
  • Date format compatibility
  • Better error messages in the case of unsupported HAR imports
  • Blank header handling

PCAP import bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Now works again.
  • Correctly import keep-alive responses
  • Display imported requests in the correct order

Major bug fixes:

  • Fix launch race condition that could result in a blank screen on startup
  • Fix apparent hang on startup at Configuring Proxies on Linux
  • Fix potential deadlock when using Breakpoints
  • Mac OS X: fix problems on 10.6.8 with automatically configuring proxies

Minor bug fixes:

  • Toolbar tools menu: remove tools that don't support toggling
  • Fix bug when opening some HTTP trace files
  • Fix bug handling zipped boddies on some Java versions

Version 3.6.3

Minor bug fixes:

  • Mac OS X Lion: fix regression in 3.6.2 on Lion UI for tab panes

Version 3.6.2

Major bug fixes:

  • High CPU usage on Mac OS X resolved
  • Msvcr100.dll not found error on Windows resolved

Minor bug fixes:

  • SAZ file import: close SAZ files after importing so they can be used, moved or renamed by another process
  • Firefox integration reports success more accurately and links to the correct download URL if automatic installation fails.

Minor enhancements:

  • Recording Settings - include and exclude lists are now sorted
  • Windows installer now allows the user to choose the install location


Version 3.6.1

Minor enhancements:

  • 512x512 icons on Mac OS X and 256x256 icons on Windows 7
  • Firefox 7 add-on update
  • Added an alert displaying the local OS IP address to the Help menu
  • Map Local tool now adds a note to requests that fail to map local as the expected local resource doesn't exist

Bug fixes:

  • Fiddler / SAZ import fixed and improved
  • Fix hang on start up at "Starting proxies..." on some configurations
  • Improved multipart body viewer detection of multipart/form-data bodies


Version 3.6

New features:

  • HAR file import and export
  • Fiddler session (SAZ files) import
  • Mac OS X 10.7 support improved


  • Rewrite tool URL rewrite now allows query strings to be created
  • Mirror tool, filename length limit increased
  • Firefox add-on detection improved for newer Firefox versions

Bug fixes:

  • Authentication viewer bug fix
  • Fault on startup due to invalid data in RewriteConfiguration
  • Map Remote bug where Set-Cookie headers set a domain with a port of -1


Version 3.5.2

Bug fixes and minor enhancements.

  • Include response status in filtering for sequence view
  • Fix bug in table views for multipart responses
  • Fix SSL certificate bugs in Internet Explorer
  • Fix bug when using a custom CA cert that needs a password on startup
  • Fix bug in reverse proxy not rewriting redirects over SSL
  • Add "Use External Proxy Servers" toggle in Windows tray icon menu
  • Fix Base64 decode popup positioning over text areas
  • Fix multi-monitor positioning of the Charles window
  • Fix bug where on Mac OS X the "Grant Privileges" prompt would repeat endlessly
  • Fix POST support when authenticating with external proxy servers
  • Add Multipart request editor
  • Add Authentication request editor
  • Add OAuth authentication header support

Version 3.5.1

Minor bug fixes.

  • Repeat advanced tool: fix bug which caused it to stop prematurely after a number of requests
  • Auto save tool: fix bug where "Enable on startup" didn't work

Version 3.5

Major new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Import .pcap files captured by WireShark, tcpdump etc
  • Transparent HTTP proxying – activated in the Proxy Settings, so you can connect to Charles as if it was any web server and it will connect to the remote host based on the Host header. This means you can transparently redirect HTTP traffic through Charles using firewall rules.
  • NTLM (NT LAN Manager) authentication for external proxies now supported in the External Proxies configuration
  • JavaScript syntax highlighting
  • JSON syntax highlighting
  • Base 64 decode right-click option for text areas
  • GUI improvements for Mac OS X and Windows, especially Windows 7

Performance enhancements:

  • Improve network performance by using tcpNoDelay
  • Memory usage problems on large downloads fixed

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Validation tool now validates CSS to CSS3
  • Character encoding of XML responses is now detected based on the header or defaults to UTF-8.
  • Ignore action in the contextual menu now works across multiple hosts
  • Repeat tool now respects throttling settings
  • Repeat, Edit, Validate added to the Tools menu. A shortcut key has been added for Repeat.
  • Sequence filter now also filters on the Info column
  • Sequence filter waits for you to stop typing before filtering, improves the performance when filtering large lists
  • Sequence auto scroll now automatically disables if you click off the last request, and re-enables when you click back onto the last request.
  • External Proxy Settings: bypass domains now supports wildcards
  • External Proxy Settings: don't pass localhost requests to the external proxy
  • Request / response viewers: improve automatic choosing of viewers
  • Mac OS X code-signing to solve issue with strict firewall setting
  • AMF editing bug fix for error when changing the type of a property to a string
  • Throttling bug fix for throttling when using an external proxy server
  • Repeat bug fix for repeating when using an external proxy server
  • Fix erroneous recording of chunked post request size as 2GB.
  • Fix the Host header on SSL connections made through a reverse proxy
  • Fix SSL Proxying for SSL connections through reverse proxy